A Night in the ‘Burgh


Rebekah Froehlich, Website Editor

Ahh Pittsburgh. The bright lights, the action, the entertainment. Even to someone that hates cities, one must admit that Pittsburgh has a lot to offer. Between the many educational museums and historic sights, to the art, to the sports, the Steel City has something to offer everyone. I often find myself finding new places to explore here. This past weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing two sides of Pittsburgh in one night. The first half of the evening was spent at a casual style restaurant in Lawrenceville, Burgh’ers, and during the latter half I enjoyed hearing the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. While wildly different in mood, both offered quality Pittsburgh culture.


Burgatory and Five Guys had better watch out, there’s a new burger joint in town. Burgh’ers prides themselves on being “farm to table.” Also, all of their ingredients are locally sourced. So not only are you getting a delicious meal, it’s made with quality ingredients. The restaurant is a casual, yet sophisticated place. There is a diner feel, but it’s also mixed with a bar, which elevates it. It’s a good venue for an outing with friends, or even a date. From the second you walk in you are enveloped in a warm and happy feeling that gets you excited for the task at hand, choosing your burgh’er. While you sip water automatically brought by your waiter in an elegant glass bottle, you peruse the menu. Even though it is only one small side, it will take you a while to decide. There are only 12 burgh’er choices, but each one is a specialty. Picky eaters, do not fret, there is a “BYOB” option. I eventually chose the “Mexican War.” “Cheddar, roasted chilies, tomato, avocado, cilantro, special sauce,” read the description. I was a little worried about the chilies, but when it came, it was absolutely delicious. I ate it in approximately 22.67 seconds. Each burgh’er comes with a side of fries or a salad. I went with the salad, since my aunt and I ordered rosemary fries as our appetizer. Overall, Burgh’ers was amazing. The only downside is the price. The burger was $13, and it was fairly average sized. If you’re willing to spend a pretty penny on a quality piece of meat, but only have it for a few minutes, then it is worth it.

After Burgh’ers, I braved the (finally) cold Pittsburgh air and drove down to Heinz Hall. After being seated, I patiently waited for the concert to start. I was not bored for even a moment, however. Just watching these amazing musicians warm up is a gift for my music nerd ears. Quickly, the event began. I was seeing the show titled, “Eroica” which is Beethoven’s third symphony. This piece was not played until after intermission though. Before the break, the Symphony played two pieces, one featuring soloist Alisa Weilerstein. Beautiful music soared out of her cello, bounced off every surface in Heinz Hall, and graced each and every individual with the joys of hearing her play. Her solo did not overshadow the symphony. She bounced off the melodies of the band in a call and answer style to keep things interesting. She was fantastic. After the short intermission, it was time for the main event. Eroica. Everyone was ready. You could hear a pin drop in the giant auditorium. The conductor was poised and at the ready with his baton. Taught and positioned were the musicians. Everyone was holding their breath. Then, it began. The baton came down and out flowed glorious melodies. 50 minutes of absolute perfection. The conductor was sweating, everyone was in awe. It made my head spin how beautiful the music was. When they finally finished, there was a quiet that swept over the room, a calm after the majestic storm. Then a thundering clapping began. Everyone rose to their feet and clapped wildly. It was a perfect end to a perfect Pittsburgh night.