A$ap Mob


Noah Marshalek , Video Editor

A$ap Mob, a rap group based out of Harlem, New York has built a reputation to compete with Hip-Hop’s best artists.  Recently as a collective, the Mob released their fourth studio album together: Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy. This album is in memory of the good friend to A$ap Rocky and front runner of A$ap Mob, A$ap Yams, He passed away in January of 2015 due to asphyxiation and his death affected everyone in the music world. These “Cozy Tapes” albums are in Memoriam of their friend and the second volume does him perfect justice. A$ap Yams was a boisterous yet subtle person and this album does both of these things very well. The album starts with very heavy, upbeat tracks on the front side and the middle moves to soft vibe, chilled out songs and goes right back to heavy hitting slamming instrumentals on the tail end. Some highlights to look for on the album are “Feels So Good” which provides five great verses in quick succession leaving the listener wanting to restart the song and listen to the lyrical barrage again. “Perry Aye” was a perfect song to start the album because the song it self starts slow but by the end turns into one of, if not the best lyrical song on the album from members like Playboi Carti and A$ap Rocky. The features on this album play a hefty role in its success featuring large names like Gucci Mane, Big Sean, Frank Ocean, Lil Yachty, Chief Keef, SchoolBoy Q, and Jaden Smith. This album is full of emotion and celebration towards a lost friend; A$ap Yams, I would recommend this album to any fan of music or anyone looking for some new music. I would give the Album a light 9/10 as it definitely is in the conversation for album of the year.