Celebrate Oktoberfest!


Rebekah Froehlich, Website Editor

Where can you get lots of delicious food, quality music, carnival rides, and hearty German culture? Oktoberfest, of course! Although it begins in the last week of September and has ended in Munich, Oktoberfest is still being remembered and celebrated around the world. We had our very own Oktoberfest here at North Hills just days ago on October 16th. While we could not bring in a giant Krinoline ride into the student parking lot, North Hills Oktoberfest did boast lots of food, fun, and even a bake-off.

The origin of Oktoberfest comes from a wedding. In October of 1810, Prince Ludwig was marrying princess Therese in Bavaria. They had a giant party, much like a festival to celebrate their commencement. It was decided that each year around the time of the wedding they would have a celebration to remember the marriage. Eventually, the date of the party was moved into September due to milder weather conditions. Over the years, people tend to forget the true origin of Oktoberfest, but it still remains a giant event nonetheless. Attendance reaches as high as 7.2 million people in some years.

For 16 days toward the end of September, a quiet field in Munich is chocked full of people and partying. Don’t think it gets too wild though, it is a family friendly event. Oktoberfest boasts many rides and games; there is plenty for the children to do. Also, if kiddie games and carnival rides aren’t your forte, you can be entertained by parades, entertainment, and of course the food. Grilled sausages, giant pretzels, and even wild oxen are only some of the foods you can dine on in Munich. There is no shortage of fun for visitors of all ages.

While Herr Deible wishes he could put 40 students on a plane and fly us to Munich for the real Oktoberfest, that is simply not feasible; but he and Frau Stein made sure we got a taste of the real thing. They turned the language wing into a German wonderland with German music, the smell of sausage, and the sight of many happy students. There were tables lining the hallways adorned with bowls of pretzels and containers of ketchup and mustard. Everyone sat in merriment enjoying the food and the company. Tasty treats were served that had been baked by students. After every delight was tried, voting took place to choose the winner of the much anticipated bake off. Overall, it was an enjoyable event that gave the students of North Hills a taste of the magnificent and gigantic Oktoberfest.