Andy Warhol Review

Andy Warhol Review

Gianna DiPaolo, Public Relations

Are you an art freak or do you like to take cool, vintage pictures in front of old paintings and post them on your Instagram feed? Then the Andy Warhol museum is the place for you. With his years of painting and an experience that is unforgettable, the Andy Warhol museum is the best art museum in Pittsburgh. From his infamous Campbell’s soup painting to the balloon room, there is so much stuff to do.

First, the best time to go is most definitely a Friday night. For one it is half off, and hours are extended to 10 o’clock instead of the normal 5. If Friday doesn’t work, then the museum is open from 10am to 5pm, excluding Mondays. The atmosphere in the museum is laid back, and you can basically go at your own pace and stay for as long as you want. With that, they also have an inclusive cafe and drink bar that is to die for. They have food such as salads and sandwiches, or desserts if your sweet tooth is awake! Their drink bar is equally amazing.  From exotic juices to a cool soda, they’ve got it all. And they also serve vegan items, just in case animals aren’t your thing.

Additionally, the museum is set up from stages of Warhol’s life.  It showcases how Warhol went through his life with seven floors of his amazing masterpieces. From the 1940s to 1970s, his artworks have a wide variety of inspiration. Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s soup were some of his famously remembered inspirations. Also, spectators can enjoy one of the most memorable pieces in the museum, the “piss painting.” Although there is only one showcased, Warhol once said in an interview that he has a couple more! People say it is best to go from top to bottom of the museum, because you can see how his art has transformed from the start to the end.

Although Warhol was an artist, he also specialized in film.  In the museum there are rooms dedicated to his photography and filmography. The most visited film room in the museum is the room that showcases his short films on the wall. In the room it is a chill blue color and it is quite loud, with the vintage films playing from wall to wall. Some short films by Warhol, including Empire and The Chelsea Girls, are playing in this room. In its entirety, I believe it’s the coolest piece of art in the museum.

As well as the art, the workers there are cool. They’re specialized to a floor, and you can ask them anything and they probably know the answer. With usually any museum there is a ‘no photography’ rule, but the workers nonchalantly look away. They understand that you want to take pictures, just don’t touch the art!

In a whole, the Andy Warhol museum creates a vibe that can’t be forgotten. It is easily the best museum in the Pittsburgh area, and visiting it would not be a mistake.  With its amazing food, to Andy’s unforgettable art work, that museum is definitely worth the trip!