The Sports Roundtable week 7


The Sports RoundTable:

The Sports Roundtable consists of four sports driven students that watch sports 24/7. Some of the biggest sports topics will be discussed by seniors Stephen Cosentino, Aidan Segal, Nick Smith, and Bub Volz in this epic roundtable discussion.

Q: Bub- The Wildcard Weekend definitely underachieved and there was not 1 close game this weekend. Why do you think this occurred?

Stephen- “There were a ton of injuries that occurred prior to the playoffs. Teams couldn’t bounce back from these injuries. Every team that won was healthy and able to take advantage of the opposing team injuries.”

Smith- “Well, due to injuries you had the Oakland Raiders start a 3rd string quarterback who never started a game in the NFL.  On the other side of that you had the worst starting quarterback in the league.  But all in all, I didn’t think that Wild Card weekend was so bad.  I thought there were some good games and I never lost interest in any of the games I was watching.”  

Segal- “It was simply a matter of one team outplaying the other. I think everyone expected the Raiders to lose without Carr. Seahawks won  because they have more talent than the Lions. Pittsburgh is healthy with Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown tearing it up. Aaron Rodgers is just incredible. After his performance against the Giants, I think they might be a big threat to the Cowboys next week.”


Q: Segal- The Steelers looked sharp against the Dolphins. I take that back, they were absolutely dominant. They destroyed the Chiefs in week 4 this season. There isn’t any guarantees, but the Steelers could very easily be in the AFC Championship. So, I guess what I am saying is, do the Steelers have what it takes to win a 7th Lombardi Trophy?

Smith- “No doubt about it.  Number 7 looked very good other than a couple of throws in the second half and AB and Le’Veon Bell did their thing yet again.  This offense looked dangerous and if he defense keeps stepping up and playing like they have, then I don’t see anyone stopping them.”

Stephen- “The Steelers do. Their defense played phenomenal against Miami. If they can take down Kansas City convincingly, watch out New England. The Steelers have a great offense that will be hard to control/ slow down.”

Bub-  “The Steelers did what they had to do. They got the win and barely got away without injury. Big Ben getting injured on one of the last plays of the game and as always Ben will say he will be fine. He will be fine maybe and next week won’t be a cakewalk like this week.”


Q: Smith- End this debate once and for all.  You are starting a team in the NFL.  What current running back are you taking and why?

Segal- “Le’Veon Bell. And this is not even biased. The guy is just a monster. What he did this year for the Steelers even with missing four games due to the suspension, was incredible. The game vs. Buffalo just proves that. Now, that he is healthy for the playoffs he will make an even bigger contribution.”

Bub- “Ezekiel Elliott will be the best running back in the NFL sooner rather than later. He is just a mean human being who isn’t scared to run through and over any defensive player on any team. This might lead to injuries down the road but for now he will have a major impact if the Cowboys do anything in the playoffs.”

Stephen- “Le’Veon Bell. He’s not only a great running back but he’s a solid receiver out of the back field. Zeke is good but Bell has done it for a while now. This year he stayed healthy in the 13 games he was able to play.“


Q: Stephen- Coach Joey Porter was arrested after being accused of assaulting a doorman. He was released after paying his bail $25,000. What’s the most memorable arrest made to an athlete?

Bub- “Easy answer here, Aaron Hernandez getting arrested and charged with the killing of a 27 year old Odin Lloyd. The best part about this story is he was going to have an awesome career as a tight end on the Patriots. There was a time where he was argued as one of the top 5 tight ends along with Gronk. #FreeAaronHernandez”  

Smith- “First of all Joey Porter is a dog.  Secondly, the O.J. Simpson case is obviously the most memorable couple of months in sports history.  The only other case that could compare would be the Aaron Hernandez case.  But the Simpson case is by far the most extreme thing we have seen in sports history.”
Segal- “I don’t think there is any other case more famous than the O.J. Simpson murders. I agree with Nick. This took America by storm and everyone followed the case. There have been a lot of of trouble makers throughout the history of sports, but this was crazy.”