Restaurant Review: Nicky’s Thai Kitchen


Darby Matvey, Public Relations

If you like amazing egg rolls, fish served with the head on, an authentic, cozy vibe, and polite servers: Go to Nicky’s Thai Kitchen in the North Side. The cuisine is not your normal burger and fries. The menu options are filled with an explosion of flavors and can have a pretty intense, spicy twist.

After you order your entrée, your waiter will ask you to pick a number 1-10, 10 being the spiciest and 1 being on the sweet side. If you are not accustomed to hot, spicy foods, I would recommend not to go above a 4. When deciding on what to order, it might take a while for you to decide. My advice is to go in with an open mind because trying new things or foods can be a fun experience. The menu has your typical Thai options: appetizers, entrees, specials, curry dishes, and drinks. For appetizers, I went with the crispy egg rolls and fried tofu. I discovered in the adventure of trying new things, I am not a fan of tofu. However, I am a huge fan of their crispy egg rolls. I repeat, huge fan. I would have my wedding cake made out of their egg rolls, that’s how amazing they are. As for the main dishes, I tried pad Thai, broccoli and chicken with garlic sauce, the sea bass, and chicken mango salad, which were all pretty good. The fish was served whole- Head. Tail. All the bones.

Equally impressive is Nicky’s amazing service. Servers come around to fill your water glass to quench your thirst due to the spicy foods. Also, they are so nice and respectful. Overall, going to Nicky’s Thai Kitchen was a great experience, and I would definitely go again.