Top 10 Jerseys Every Pittsburgh Sports Fan Should Have in Their Collection

Top 10 Jerseys Every Pittsburgh Sports Fan Should Have in Their Collection

Aidan Segal, Sports

2008 Winter Classic Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby: The Penguins wore these throwbacks in the inaugural Winter Classic, which turned out to be an instant classic. Crosby’s game-winning shootout goal was a great finish and a defining moment for his legacy. These sweaters were originally worn by the Penguins in 1970-1971. Bringing them back was a success and it would be a fine addition to your collection. I personally love the powder blue.


Pitt Panthers, Dejuan Blair/Levance Fields/Sam Young: This team had the swagger, they had the moxy, and my God could they hoop. This Panthers team was fun to watch. Blair was an exciting and explosive power forward. Fields hit clutch shots in the point guard position and Young would always put up big numbers. A striking jersey to remember an entertaining era.


Homestead Grays, Josh Gibson: Josh Gibson may as well be considered a forgotten hero. As many of you know, baseball was segregated for sixty years until Jackie Robinson broke the color-barrier, joining the Brooklyn Dodgers. Unfortunately, Josh Gibson tragically died before he could showcase his talent in the major leagues. Playing for the Homestead Grays, Gibson was coined the nickname as “The Black Babe Ruth”. He is rumored to hit a ball out of Yankee Stadium and is credited with hitting over 950 home runs in his career. Representing one of the best to ever swing a bat while representing vintage Pittsburgh memorabilia is a no-brainer. It may be hard to find ,but you gotta have it.


Pittsburgh Steelers, Franco Harris: He is perhaps most prominent for his clutch play in the final seconds of a divisional playoff game in 1972 which has been hailed the name “The Immaculate Reception”. Franco Harris was a key component to maybe the greatest dynasty in NFL history. The four-time Super Bowl champion was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990. An excellent jersey to support the black and gold on Steeler Sunday.


1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, Willie Stargell: This jersey always gets mixed-reviews. Some people love it, others hate it. The Pirates issued these as their alternates in 2016 and I thought they looked great on Sunday afternoons. They were worn for the franchise’s last World Series title and by the record holder for most home runs by a Pirate, Willie Stargell. “Pops” played his entire career in Pittsburgh and was beloved by all fans. The jersey throws it back to the end of the disco era as the Pirates famously played the song “We Are Family” throughout their championship run.


1960 Pittsburgh Pirates, Bill Mazeroski: He hit perhaps, the most iconic home run in the history of the sport as “Maz” take our #5 spot on our list. Mazeroski’s walk-off homer in Game 7 of the World Series was all it took to take down the esteemed New York Yankees. The championship team wore these vests with a simple,  yet effective design. It is probably the most popular  uniform in their long history.


Pittsburgh Panthers, Tony Dorsett: The Panthers brought their blue & gold throwbacks this season in reminiscent of their glory days in the 1970’s. Tony Dorsett lead the Pitt Panthers to National Championship as well as picking up the Heisman Trophy, the only player in school history to do so. A classic look to wear on Saturdays.


Pittsburgh Steelers, Joe Greene: I can’t think of a better figure to represent Steelers’ persona than “Mean” Joe Greene. He picked up four Super Bowl Rings with the legendary 70’s Pittsburgh Steelers. He was feared around the league and posed as a fierce competitor with a whole lot of heart. The away jersey is more prevalent as he is remembered for his famous Coca-Cola commercial where he says “Hey kid, catch!” and tosses this model jersey to the young fan.


1991-1992 Pittsburgh Penguins, Mario Lemieux: Hockey in Pittsburgh was once a mere side note in a city where baseball and football was undoubtedly the most popular sports . That all changed when the Penguins drafted a phenom from Montreal in 1984. Immediately, Lemieux posed as one of the league’s most skilled players. He wore this classic sweater in in the late 80’s and 90’s hoisting the Cup twice in these threads. Mario Lemieux is always in the conversation for the greatest of all-time. He is the face of the Penguins’ past and future. #66’s jersey will stand the test of time as an all-time classic.


1971 Pittsburgh Pirates, Roberto Clemente: There is no debate here. Roberto Clemente stands as one of the most revered and talented player in the long history of the sport. He could hit, he could run, and boy could he field. He won a World Series alongside Mazeroski in ‘60, but he is distinguished for his MVP performance in 1971. The buccos wore these unis as they started their new era at Three Rivers Stadium. He cemented his legacy by joining the 3,000 hit club. “The story of Roberto Clemente, however goes beyond mere numbers.” as explained by the Baseball Hall Fame. Clemente’s humanitarian efforts over the course of his life exhibited his true character as a gracious and giving human being. His life was cut short ,but his contributions to baseball and the people around immortalized him. The jersey is practically a symbol. #21 lives in the heart and pride of Pittsburgh and it is a must for your collection.