Meet Mrs. Scheuneman

Question & Answer

Mike Knochel, Photo Editor

scheunemanMrs. Schunemann is the brand new athletic director replacing the gone but not forgotten Dr. Dietrick. After Dr. D went back to Duquesne, she came from Bethel Park to help us out here at North Hills. She has some big shoes to fill in the Athletic Director position, but we’re very excited to have her here and help out.


Q: Where did you go to college and what degree did you achieve?

A: I went to Duquesne University and studied Sports Management.


Q: Did you have any previous jobs before North Hills?

A: I went to Avonworth, Bethel Park, then came to North Hills.

Q: Did you play any sports in Highschool/College?

A: I played soccer, cross country, and track.


Q: How did you find your way to North Hills?

A: I got a call at Bethel Park to come to North Hills, and I wanted to be part of a blooming sports program.


Q: How do you like it here at North Hills?

A: There are a lot of great things here, but it’s great to see the kids and how they mature.


Q: Do you feel there is a strong support from kids to each other?

A: I love the teams supporting each other and students coming out to games. There may be a possibility of season passes to games in the future.


Q: What sport is your favorite to watch?

A: My favorite sport is the one that’ll try the hardest to compete for their school and team.