The International Thespian Society


Joe Kelly, Features

In the North Hills, a number of Honors Societies have been created over the past few years. First, there was the National Honors Society, of course, and then the inclusion of the Honors Societies of the French and German National Honors Societies. Before this, there was a National Honors Society for the theatre, but then it was sadly taken away from the school. You would never guess it, right? Well I wouldn’t have either until the beginning of this year, but it does in fact exist.

The International Thespian Society is a group, referred to as a troupe, that helps students in fulfilling their passions for theatre by granting you points for your experience and involvement in school and outside productions. You can be rewarded for things like being in the ensemble, participating in a theatre festival, even directing a full scale production. The society awards scholastic merit as well, giving a varying amount of awards based on your Grade Point Average.

Many students are very excited for this new opportunity to join the society, especially the twenty-three members of the first round of inductions for the society: Juliet California, Payton Carroll, Michelle Do,  Brandon Hackimer, Sarah Hershberger, Connor Hoffman, Natalie Just, Marissa Karpinski, Aidan Kelly,  Joe Kelly, Olivia Lyle, Josh Mann, Hannah Martin, Hannah McCreary, Megan Medfisch,  Samantha Mouse, Nick Page, Eleanore Pavelle, Jackie Pfeil, Sophia Roll, Camille Traczek, Bethany Tonarelli, and Darby Vojtko

Member Samantha Mouse thinks the Society is going to hold a legacy since it has been in North Hills before. She says “I think that it kind of leaves you room to impress upon the fact that theatre is important to everyone, and it is a big deal. I also think that it leads us to leave new legacies and to create new traditions in North Hills.”

thespian-1There are many clubs in North Hills that celebrate students’ success in their said subject. Now, the Drama Club is added to the list of clubs commending student achievement, and they could not be happier or prouder of it. The society’s first informal induction ceremony will take place sometime in the coming months.