Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children


Emme Cunningham, News

A haunting, dark mystery that contains a somewhat brighter twist; this book will continue to linger in the back of your mind. The black and white images that Ransom Riggs threw throughout the book, really add to the disturbing aspect of this story. Time travel creates a layer of mystery that will make this novel a real page-turner. When Jake embarks on his journey to learn about his deceased grandfather, he arrives at Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children; a place his grandfather had arrived at many years before.

He learns about the time loop that repeats September 3rd, 1940 over and over again that Miss Peregrine has set. It’s the day right before an airplane crashes into Miss Peregrine’s home, taking the lives of all the children. To prevent this, the time loop has been created. Somehow, Jake is able to pass between the time loop and present-day. By being able to do this, he can see the unusual children with their astounding talents. Overall, this book was extremely well-written, with a very entrancing plot.

The movie definitely held Tim Burton’s touch, with the detailing touches to make it have a more eerie feeling. Although, halfway through the touch is lost, leaving a somewhat emotionless shell for a movie. It grows to be quite empty, and not nearly as enchanting as the book was. Of course it still leaves the dark, haunting feeling that most all of Burton’s films have, and a sadness that spreads evenly throughout the movie. Overall, he did a great job with sticking to the book. Some minor details were changed, but the plot stayed along the same baseline that Riggs has established.

The actors and actresses were great; especially Asa Butterfield who took part as Jake, the main character. An interesting twist was the flashback towards Jacob’s past, something that wasn’t mentioned in the novel. However, I really find this as a great touch to establish a more emotional connection with Jake. Eva Green depicts exactly what you’d expect Miss Peregrine to look and act like. Her attitude and the way she carries herself make her seem almost above everyone else.

Although this movie has some low points, it still manages to be very captivating and grab your attention continuously. If you’re ever out of movie ideas, it would definitely qualify as a good second choice.