North Hills Fall Collage Concert


Emme Cunningham, News

On October 19, 2016, the North Hills High School held its new Fall Collage Concert. The concert featured chamber strings, wind symphony, wind ensemble, women’s choir, symphonic choir, NH Singers, and special guest the Allegheny Brass Brand.

Chamber strings and women’s choir received the honor of working with each other for a piece titled, “Inscription of Hope,” by Z. Randall Stroope. This was a feat never before achieved until now, and Mr. Lavelle is hoping to make this a continuous tradition each year. Although, there was some hesitation sweeping throughout about how well this performance would be, I think it’s safe to say that everyone was overjoyed with the outcome. Rebecca Yu (a member of chamber strings) comments on the concert by saying, “I was fairly nervous about what would happen. After all, it’s pretty difficult to play and sing in sync with two groups who are new to each other’s style and especially with so few rehearsals under our belt… But I think everyone was pretty impressed with ourselves especially because none of us were quite expecting it to go quite that well,” She jokes.

Emma Hampson, a sophomore in wind symphony, explains her pre-show jitters, “There are so many new and exciting things occurring. And with so many collaborations occurring that haven’t been tried before, I really want to make sure we all put in out best effort to allow this to happen more often by encouraging each other. It’s really a great experience to get to work with other groups of classmates you don’t usually get to perform with.” Some of the other collaborations besides “Inscription of Hope” include “The Promise of Living” by Aaron Copland and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” The performance sounded great according to many proud parents, and believe that everyone who took part in the concert should be very pleased with the wonderful result.