Cheeseman’s Fright Farm

Joe Ryan, News Editor

If you’re looking for a classic Halloween scare, then Cheeseman’s Fright Farm is the place to be. Located in the absolute middle of nowhere, Cheeseman’s is the perfect combo of a scary place with a family fun setting.

When you first pull up to the monstrous log cabin holding pumpkins for sale, cotton candy, and every other classic fall food­­–not including pumpkin spice lattes, sorry ladies–you’re greeted by a mysterious man in a hockey mask with a rubber knife scaring people standing in line. There is also a gigantic hay maze that the kids can run around on to get a little bit of fun in before being taken for a thrill ride on the tour of the farm.

After buying your ticket, you must board a tractor with a topless trailer, big enough to hold twenty-five to thirty people in it, hitched to the back of it. You are taken on a journey through the woods were various creatures including: clowns, werewolves, and people in masks with chainsaws jump in the trailer and scare you half to death. At one point on the ride you are chased by another tractor that is shooting flames out of the exhaust pipes and being driven by a psycho.

Once you get off the tractor you are led to a maze filled with strobe lights and hidden characters ready to jump out behind corners and freak you out. The 3D portion of the maze is a psychedelic wonder, filled with laughing clowns, and patterns on the walls that seem so real you’ll want to put your arm out and touch them, but be careful, the clowns are teetering on the edge of sanity.

And as always, politics has to be incorporated into everything and anything especially where you least expect it. At the end of the maze there are two bins with fat heads, one of Donald Trump and one of Hillary Clinton, in which you have to place your glasses according to which candidate you would most likely vote for.

When taken back to the log cabin, and all of the scares are over, there is nothing better than buying a cup of hot apple cider after and running around in the hay maze. The Fright Farm also offers homemade brick oven pizza which, in my opinion is the best pizza I’ve ever had from a concession stand.

I’m not one for scary stuff, but the Cheeseman’s Fright Farm was a blast! I would recommend it to everyone that is looking to get in the Halloween spirit or just looking to have a good time with friends.img_5400