Did You Know? A Multi-Talented Stud Athlete


Nick Smith, Sports Editor

Did you know that Luke Chutko is the first North Hills Indians Athlete to be a Varsity starter in all four of the main high school sports? The more impressive thing about this is that he is not just a starter on a bunch of teams that stink.  Last year all four of the teams he starts for made the playoffs.  Chutko starts his year off kicking for the Indians’ football team as he has a busy schedule practicing for two sports in one day almost all the time.  With soccer being the same time as football, he still makes it happen and was named captain of the soccer team as he tries to lead them to their third straight playoff.  After soccer he hits the basketball floor.  Chutko will be a three-year starter by the time its all over and won an honorable mention award for his section as a junior.  If that’s not impressive by itself, we can just add the fact that he will be a captain for basketball as well.  To end the long sports year for Chutko, he finishes with baseball.  He will be the starting catcher for the second straight year and will look to lead the Indians’ to a WPIAL championship.  The kid just does it all to really sum things up.  And that’s right, he also has a 3.9 G.P.A to add on to being a four sport athlete.  Quite impressive to say the least.