Is Kanye the next Picasso?


Anthony Black, Staff Writer

Everyone knows Kanye has clarified the “Pablo” he mentions in the title of his new album The Life of Pablo is not Pablo Picasso. Is it possible that he could be the next “Picasso”? Kanye recently tweeted an article with the title “Is Kanye West the Greatest Artist of the 21st century?” from USA Today mentioning “Now they know”.

If you do a quick search on Google of who the greatest artist of the 20th century is, Google states at the top of the page that it is Pablo Picasso. Many people are comparing Kanye to Picasso because of how much his music has influence on others.

People believe that Kanye is the new Picasso of the 21st century for a few reasons. One of them being because at the start of Picasso’s career, his work was close to perfect and as years passed his work became crazier and crazier. You can say the same thing about Kanye’s work as well. If you compare his earlier releases like Late Registration and The College Dropout to one of his later releases like Yeezus, his work has took a 180 and has completely changed.

With The Life of Pablo being released, several family members of the Picasso family wished Kanye their blessings on the record. Picasso’s grandson even went as far to say “We love Kanye, thanks for honoring my great granddad!” and “they are both visionaries”.

Sadly, like many artists, we will not know how great Kanye goes down in history until he passes away. When Kanye dies, will people place his name next to one of the greatest visionaries of all time, Pablo Picasso? Only time will tell.