Fast Fashion vs. Designer Fashion


Alex Smith, Staff Writer

On one hand, you have your fast fashion brands: H&M, 21Men, ASOS, Zara, etc. The other hand holds your designer fashion brands: Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Bape, Supreme, Off–White, Saint Laurent, Yeezy, etc. Which do you prefer?

Fast Fashion is the quickly growing industry of mass-producing the most sought after and beloved designer pieces. They come at a cheaper price, less quality, and aren’t the exact same as the original piece, but they sure are similar. H&M is probably the biggest culprit of this, with pants and sweaters similar to the likes of Fear of God and Haider Ackermann. H&M is just giving more exclusive and expensive pieces to the masses of people who strive to dress a certain way, but just don’t have the funds to go out and spend $400 on some sweatpants or $250 on a t-shirt.

Designer Brands are the reason fast fashion companies are still in existence. Designer clothes are almost always of the highest quality, more exclusive, and as a result, more expensive. To the average person, the words Bape, Raf Simons, Rick Owens are just a combination of letters that have no meaning to them. Anyone who knows really anything about designer clothing or clothes in general is familiar with these brands. Stores like Supreme and Bape have weekly releases at their stores, which exhibit lines almost four blocks long. Only to sell out there items before the sun goes down. Their clothes are some of the most sought after and exclusive pieces amongst people intrigued by the street-wear culture and fashion itself. Then there are brands like Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Off—White, Fear of God, and Yeezy who sell their clothes for no less than $200 per item, who don’t need to have weekly releases to make a profit. For some of these brands, they may only have two releases a year, one in the spring/summer and one in the fall/winter. All though these brands are much more expensive than walking into H&M and buying a similar shirt; the feeling you get when you save up the money to buy one highly exclusive piece that nothing can beat is what convinces people to look more towards the High End fashion rather than the simple fast fashion we have today.

Whether you appreciate the silhouette and quality of a garment, or the price tag, there is something out there for anyone. Whatever style you prefer, high end clothing or clothing on the lower end, just know that no matter what you pick you should always rock it with 100% confidence. Because being confident in your clothes and in yourself will make you look a hundred times better no matter what you look like or what you are wearing.