North Hills Art Department adding warmth and life to new library’s appearance


Nicole Pampena, Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, December 10th, the North Hills High School Library will be holding an open house in order to showcase not only the new renovations, but also student artwork.

While the new library is an impressive and much appreciated addition to the high school, many have commented on its atmospheric emptiness and lack of welcoming. AP Studio Art teacher Ms. Moorby and her students plan to change this before the doors open Thursday night.

Moorby explains, “The Art Department is going to give the library a warm, aesthetic appeal by hanging student artwork and a fabric installation piece on the ceiling.”

The fabric ceiling installation is intended to diminish the loudness and echoing students hear in the library due to the open ceiling design. Vibrant colors such as orange, purple, and green stretched over a wooden frame will hang suspended in order to achieve three-dimensional effect while filtering the light.

As if that task isn’t daunting enough, dozens of prints of student artwork from photography to drawings to paintings need to be cut, matted, and framed for hanging before the deadline. Moorby mentions her recruitment of both teachers and students in the high school to assist in finishing every piece. Specifically regarding the pillars, Moorby recruited AP Literature teacher Mr. Heil as well as the graphics department to apply inspiring quotes for an extra pop of color.

The open house will be welcoming all between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., beginning with a performance by NH Singers. “The library is a fantastic place for kids to create and explore.” Moorby notes. Visitors ranging from parents to school board members to district lawyers in attendance will get a full, firsthand experience of the exciting new opportunities and mediums the renovations make possible.