Bow and Drape

Bow and Drape

Nicole Pampena, Editor-in-Chief

Sweatshirts and puns, what more can you ask for in life? As winter nears, nothing lifts your spirit as well as your core temperature like the selections offered from Bow and Drape.

The company sells crew necks, t-shirts, beanies, and totes that are personally customized by you. Designs involve big, sequined letters (along with a few other fonts) and even the option of select sequined emojis adorning the garment with a funny or clever saying (or whatever you want). Worry not, if you can’t think of a pun of your own, there’s a whole list of pre-written favorites, all you have to do is copy it onto the design template. “Fry Me a River”, “Namastay in Bed”, “Goal Digger”, and “I Like You a Latte” are only a few of the must-have one-liners featured ranging from Mean Girls to pizza.

There is a heartbreaking catch, though: they’re not the cheapest. It mostly depends on what you’re buying, but that still doesn’t make these things a steal. Sweatshirts are priced at $58, t-shirts at $39, beanies are $34, and totes are $98. Shipping is free only if your purchase is over $75. I guess inflation took a hard blow at the price of sequins.

Nonetheless, sacrifices sometimes need to be made for the things we love…or the ones we love. As holiday season creeps into full swing, Bow and Drape makes for a great gift. Customizing one to the personality of a friend or family member or choosing from the Christmas puns becoming more apparent are both options if giving an unforgettable gift is what you seek.

If not, treat yourself and invest in one. They’re great conversation starters and one more sweatshirt wouldn’t hurt. After all, the hardest part is choosing which pun you want.