Why Gym is Friendship’s Biggest Fear


Lyra Hartlein, Entertainment/Student Life Editor

Here at North Hills, we have a great physical education (gym) program. Our program includes four different types of physical education: Sports & Rec, Personal Fitness, Creative Movement, and Nutrition, Food, & Fitness. Now, let’s talk about Sports & Rec: the most hostile physical education program offered. Sports & Rec is a physical education program where students play fun games that almost everyone can easily participate in, that is if you can handle it.

Sports & Rec is arguably one of the best classes North Hills offers. It is has some of the best, and most competitive activities you can find, for example: the infamous volleyball tournaments, mat ball, games, scatter dodge ball, etc. When it comes to Sports & Rec activities, there is no fooling around. There are at least five+ people in each gym class that will put forth full effort and will take every activity to a whole new level of seriousness. This is what leads to a loss friendships.

Once your friend is put on a different team than you, all bets are off. They are not your friend anymore, they are your enemy. ANY gym class activity is a whole new ball game, especially the volleyball tournament. Friends will battle against each other and feel no remorse; there is no remorse when you are a gym class champion. I mean, do you really need friends, or do you really need to be a gym class champion? Exactly, a gym class champion is much more important than friends.

So when you are scheduling for next year and you pick Sports & Rec, prepare to lose your friends. I wish you best of luck with your choices.