Wake Up, Parents: Vaccine Mania

Emily Donovan, News Editor

Wake up, parents.

In light of the recent measles outbreak, the debate on vaccines has been dragged up again.

I don’t know why, as a country, we’re even having this argument. Most parents who choose not to vaccinate their children these days refrain from doing so because they believe their children will develop autism if they do so. Studies conducted as recently as December 2014 have proven vaccines are not connected to autism in any way.

Personally, I didn’t need any scientists to tell me that; it’s common sense. However, some people needed the research of men and women in white lab coats to tell them what they should already know: vaccines are safe.

If vaccines caused autism, 95% of the population should be living with the disorder. Obviously, this isn’t the case. I’m not sure where the idea that vaccines are harmful to children came from, but it’s causing some major problems now.

Look at how we’re suffering. A measles outbreak shouldn’t be a big issue in this day and age. And yet, because of the ignorance of these new-age parents, it is a big problem.

I’m willing to bet most, if not all, of the parents that are against vaccines got theirs when they were children. Do they honestly think that something changed in the last 30 years, give or take?

This belief is founded purely on pseudoscience. It’s no different than saying, “that’s what caused me to be sick” when you try out a new food and wake up with food poisoning the next day.

President Obama is urging parents to get their kids vaccinated. Of course, some people will now do the opposite, because it was President Obama who said it. Regardless of whether or not you like the president, it’s hard to believe that he would give instructions like these—in the middle of a measles outbreak—with malicious intent.

Everyone I know got vaccinated a long time ago, so I’m not worried for their safety. I also know a lot of parents of small children who can’t vaccinate their children for valid reasons. They’re concerned about protecting their children against the diseases vaccinations prevent.

To the parents who are able to do so: please, do the smart thing and vaccinate your children before the rest of the population pays the price.