Skip the Hassle: Take the Class

The best electives to take at North Hills High School


Photo by Calvin Chmura

Calvin Chmura, Public Relations and Promotions Manager

As the scheduling window approaches for the 2015-2016 school year, people are up in arms because they can’t decide what they want to take because there are so many electives. Just to make it easy for everyone, here are some of the electives you MUST have on your schedule.

Pottery: Learn how to create your own bowls, mugs, pots, and more in this art elective.

TV Production: Located in the center of the rotunda, TV Production gives you an inside look at creating advertisements, highlight videos, talk shows, and all the way up to short movies.

Argumentation: Go up against your peers and learn how to speak on one side of the issue, attempting to persuade the class to side with you.

Graphics: Taught by the legends Mr. Bosley and Mr. Meininger, students can make things they can wear, including their own t-shirts and stickers. Students are taught many technological skills in the class they can use everyday, and can be creative in the process.

Foods: Pretty self-explanatory. Learn to cook the food, and then you get to eat it. Sounds like a great class.

Child Development: Students get to work with preschoolers and learn how to work with them while the toddlers work towards kindergarten. If you love kids, fit this into your schedule.

Journalism: Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Arrowhead staff? Taking the class, you’ll learn how to write many different types of articles, take and edit photos, and much more. Many of your articles may even end up in an issue of the Arrowhead, or at least online at