Steelers take a stand


image from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Alex Manjerovic, Sports Editor

The Steelers 2014 season has been plagued with misconduct and penalization. Despite a 7-4 record, the lack of discipline throughout Mike Tomlin’s team has been a big issue for the head coach. The Steelers have racked up the most penalties in the NFL and have also had their problems off of the field, including the arrest of LeVeon Bell and LeGarrette Blount in August for marijuana possession.

The Steelers made headlines on Tuesday when they released Blount, a backup running back in his first year with the team. The decision was made as a result of Blount walking off of the field early in the closing minutes of the Steelers 27-24 win over the Titans. The next day, less than 24 hours after his early departure, Blount was released.

Mike Tomlin has expressed his severe displeasure with his team’s undisciplined nature, and he took a stand with LeGarrette Blount. In a statement from the Steelers, Tomlin said, “We believe the decision to release LeGarrette is in the best interest of the organization and wish him the best of luck.” This is a team with a very good chance to make the playoffs, and Tomlin has no time for players who are not fully committed to winning.

After many things going wrong with players’ actions this season, it is good to see Mike Tomlin get rid of a player who has been a bad influence on the team, especially star running back LeVeon Bell. Mike Tomlin and the Steelers releasing LeGarrette Blount is another step toward a team that disciplined enough to make a Super Bowl run.