Restaurant Review: Nakama North

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Sam Greer, Public Relations

Within the Wexford area, there is a new restaurant that is getting an unusual buzz from its clientele. Nakama North is located at 10636 Perry Highway in Wexford, PA. This is a Japanese restaurant, which serves food from  filet mignon with a shrimp appetizer to nigiri and maki (sushi rolls) of all types. Nakama North is the second Nakama location in Pittsburgh. The very first location is located on 1611 East Carson Street.  What is most amazing about this restaurant is its abundance of variety.

Just like a typical restaurant, its busiest days are on Fridays and Saturdays. Other hectic days are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Fortunately, I decided to check out this restaurant on a Monday, when it was not very busy.

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, you will think the food is out of this world. You have the option to sit at the sushi bar, cocktail bar, or the table that lies along the cocktail bar, which is used for families that do not wish to sit with people they do not know. Also, you have the option to sit in front of an open-faced grill, where the hibachi chef cooks in front of you, using his dexterous hands to entertain customers for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

My preference is to sit in front of the open-faced grill because you have the ability to watch the chef make your food and see all ingredients that will be in your meal. As a consumer, I was slightly shocked to see the prices that range from $16.99 to about $67.99 per entree. Yet, I feel as though this food is worth the price. Not only that, the restaurant ‘s decor will truly take your breath away. I would pay to be able to walk into the place, regardless of ordering food.

Yes, I understand that you go to a restaurant solely based on how good the food is, but if you find yourself to fall into a category where you look to go to restaurants due to its layout or fantastic design, then Nakama is the place for you to attend. All of the tile work and walls are the product of Kelly Tile, which is based out of Wexford. Upon arrival to the restaurant, you are immediately blinded with the beauty of the glass wall that is located in the front of the restaurant. From the tile work to the granite countertops for the bar, everything is done perfectly and in a fashion that is like none other.

Although this restaurant does take walk-ins, reservations are recommended. They can be reached at or by calling Nakama North, at 724-933-7253. The restaurant has yet to have an official grand opening, but it is, in fact, open. The hours are Monday through Saturday, 11:30 am to 10 pm and 1 pm to 10 pm on Sunday. This restaurant is honestly in a league of its own.