Hook, Line, Sinker: Guidelines for finding a Homecoming date

Jake Heinauer, Editor-In-Chief

Homecoming is just around the corner, and tickets went on sale today in the cafeteria and will be on sale until October 10. In recent weeks, homecoming proposals have been abundant, but what about you guys struggling with finding the right girl to ask? Don’t fear, because advice from the (Co) Editor-In-Chief of The Arrowhead is here.

I would suggest that you start with a few guidelines before searching for that date you want to buy tickets and a corsage for. I would add not to forget the additional costs of buying a shirt and tie that matches your date’s dress, but I don’t want to be that guy. My basic suggestions are either go A.) stag or B.) with a girl from a different school.

No, going stag doesn’t get you a date. However, it means you’re only spending money on yourself, and you can just reuse any tie and dress shirt. So maybe I am that guy. Regardless, going alone can ensure that you have a fun, or at least decent, homecoming. You can have a night with just your bros, and there will, of course, be girls without dates and girls whose dates are nothing more than friends to jam to “Shake it Off” with. Added bonus: You can get pictures taken with your friends or not have any pictures taken at all. Maybe a dance without a ball-and-chain, or as some call them, “dates,” wouldn’t be so bad.

There are some of you, however, who insist on bringing a date (myself included). My advice would be to make sure you get that form for bringing a date from a different school ASAP. Bringing a date from a different school can help to avoid drama. Let’s be honest, between homecoming court and who is taking whom, homecoming can be an early kickoff to lunchroom drama, and a bad experience with a date can ruin friendships and make lunch tables pretty awkward. Taking a girl from a different school means that even if the night goes horribly wrong, you won’t have anyone glaring at you when you take your daily stroll to fourth period. If you absolutely need to bring a girl from North Hills because the girls here are pretty cool, I guess, than I would advise making sure you go with someone as friends only. The drama isn’t worth a “magical” night in the gym.

Above all, make sure your homecoming is fun, and albeit selfish, make sure it’s about you. You have four years to experience these memorable nights, and the rest of your life you will have to think about others, so don’t waste your time now when you can be selfish and not be judged for it.