Nothing But Good Vibes for the Tribe


Jake Bruder, Staff Writer

On Friday, September 19 at Martorelli Stadium, the student section, popularly referred to as The Tribe, once again proved why they are arguably the WPIAL’s best student section. The Tribe toyed with the opposing team, and put on a show for the fans at the beginning of the game with the second annual powder toss, this one consisting of our nation’s colors: the red, the white and the blue.

During the 2013 Indians football season, The Tribe made history as the student sections extravagant efforts were recognized on the local and national level. As one can imagine, there was pressure lingering in the back of this year’s student section leader’s minds, hoping to somewhat be in comparison to last year’s number one ranked student section, via the infamous WPIAL Insider. Among the leaders of this years’ student section is Tyler Pusateri, a senior who starts catcher for the varsity baseball team. “Our main goal for this season is to follow up last year’s efforts to the best of our abilities” Pusateri said. “We have accepted the fact that last season cannot be exactly replicated, so we are just doing our own thing with the section this year and having fun with it (for the most part).” When I talked with Pusateri a few days ago regarding this article, I asked him about the apparent struggles the student section has been facing over the course of the last 4 games. “Not everyone is participating as much as we had hoped they would,” he said. “People seem to complain more about what our theme is or what our ‘performance’ is going to be rather than just enjoying the atmosphere of over 300 kids cheering for the football team.”

From the issues at the previous tailgate, to undeserving students trying to take front row, there have been apparent disagreements amongst the student section. Even through the disagreements, every Friday night at Martorelli Stadium this season, the student section has been completely packed to the point where some students actually have to sit off to the side of the student section due to the congestion within section AA.

The student section once again has drawn amazing attention to themselves, especially with the guest appearance of Pittsburgh Steeler running back LeGarrette Blount last Friday night. On this upcoming Friday, the football team takes on conference opponent Pine Richland, the battle of the undefeated. Let’s see if The Tribe can uphold their reputation as not only the best student section on the road, but as the best student section in the WPIAL.