Etsy Grad Gifts

MarySandra Do, Promotions

Now that the school year is coming to a close, we’re all looking for that perfect grad gift. If you’re having trouble finding something, here are a few suggestions. These Etsy shops are really unique, so you won’t find these products anywhere else. You won’t be disappointed.



This shop sells typography prints of wordles in the shape of states and cities. They are technically called typography maps. I think these make great décor, and I would recommend this shop for anybody who’s having trouble finding the right gift. The price point is very reasonable.



I recommend this shop to anyone who is looking for natural bath and body products. The products receive very good reviews, and the packaging is very professional. The overall brand is very chic, and the scents have really cool names. It’s also refreshing that the prices are not ridiculously obnoxious.



Such a random find, but this shop sells some really interesting mugs. The phrases on these things are so cute, and there is also an option to order a personalized mug, so they can make really nice gifts. I am particularly drawn to this shop because of its effective use of minimalism in design and concept. The prices are a little high, but I’d say if you’re giving a gift to someone special, they’re well worth those few extra dollars.



Just another jewelry shop on Etsy. I’m not too crazy about their rings or earrings and such, but I am obsessed with their ear cuffs. The designs are very elegant and utilize a lot of baroque. Nevertheless, I consider the pieces very timeless. Jewelry is usually not inexpensive, and this shop is no exception. Some may consider the prices unreasonable, but overall the price point is definitely within reach.



For the most part, this shop specializes in selling wall decals. From quotes to large-scale forest scenes, this shop covers most of the whimsical artsy-fartsy designs that can be tastefully applied to walls. If you’re thinking of redecorating, you may want to check these out. Fair warning: the prices are a bit high.