North Hills goes viral


Richard Cook

photo by Richard Cook of Across Ross

Nicole Pampena, staff writer

Since the release of the lip dub last Monday, North Hills High School has received an astonishingly large amount of attention, including over 100,000 views on YouTube. What first began as a local accomplishment being featured on Across Ross, WPXI, CBS Pittsburgh, 96.1 KISS, and The Tribune-Review, the video has recently moved up to a national level.

The video was first picked up by Huffington Post Teen, being described as “the most intricate lip sync video ever.” The bar was raised even more upon hearing Good Morning America would showcase our school, as well.  Though only about fifteen seconds of the lip dub were broadcasted, the domino effect continued straight into a major network: Fox News (

Students, parents, and community members all gathered around their TVs on Tuesday to watch North Hills go national. The majority of the video was displayed while senior and director Nick Ross was interviewed. “It’s funny, you give kids a handful of confetti and tell them they can run up and down the hallway screaming, and you have a lot of energy in your video,” Ross joked to Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum.

Almost every news source that featured the video seems to be most interested and impressed with “the 1,400 students gathering to film with only one dry run and one shot in a 40 minute window” as well as “flash mobs, parting the Red Sea, and human domino lines.

The story continues to spread to local news stations in states such as Michigan, Illinois, and North Carolina.

Students all over North Hills are currently contacting, tweeting, and messaging The Ellen Show in hopes of raising the bar even higher.